Paddington where to buy?

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  1. Hello everyone! I have recently fallen in love with the Paddington bag and would love to buy one

    Can you please suggest where can I find one without breaking the bank? :smile:

  2. try - she just listed some newer models today with a lighter weight lock (?). I don't know if the leather would be lighter weight too, but these come with a shoulder strap, which sounds nice.
    She is very reputable, I have bought Balenciaga from her in the past.
  3. Thank you very much for your response alisonanna! I will check it out
  4. I wrote to the Chloe Outlet and they have a black and a brown paddy for ~$1100. I love the leather on the paddingtons but warning they are heavy :smile:
  5. Hello crazybagmo!

    Could you tell me some information about chloe outlet?
    I am interested in a saskia square tote and I search it everywhere!!
  6. Hi Ginaki,

    Here is their contact info. I don't know if they ship internationally but it's worth asking them. I hope they have the bag you want!

    Chloe Boutique
    Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
    822 Grapevine Court
    Central Valley, NY 10917
    Tel. (1) 845-928-6260
    Fax (1) 845-928-6901
  7. Thank you crazybagmo!
    I tried to send them an email, but their email address doesn't seem to work, my mail was not delivered...
  8. Hi Ginaki! I called Chloe Woodburry Outlet, but unfortunately, they don't have saskia square tote.
  9. Hi C and C, wow, thank you so much!!!!
    I called them too, because I could not send a mail, and they told me that they only had a red saskia. The asked for my emai, and they sent me photos of it, but unfortunately it was the small size, with no lucite handles. They were very kind and made me feel comfortable, even if I was very anxious, because of the language (seems that writing in english is easier than speeking)!

    The good news is, that I found unexpectably an eggnog square saskia on ebay! It was on german ebay and I was so lucky to find it! I got it authenticated here and everything is ok, so I'm waiting for it! (And a black accordion as well :graucho:).

    Thank you so much for doing this for me!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Thanks! :biggrin: