Jan 9, 2006
I just preorder a anthracite paddington wallet at chloe. would anyone know what anthracite leather looks like? is it the same leather as the purse? because I spoke to a SA at chloe and they said its like a grayish black, not metalic. I'm so!
Im not exactly sure what it looks like. But I just ordered my anthracite paddington a couple of days ago. I should be getting it on Monday, at the latest, I believe. I can post pics when I get it, hopefully I can post them and give you an accurate color description in time to actually help.. :worried:
yeah, i ordered my anthracite paddy from lvr. NOT metallic, it looks just like noir but has anthracite on the tag :sad2: now I have to ship it back, what a pain.
I just got the anthracite wallet too; congrats. :biggrin:

Post a pic if you can.

here's my paddy family:


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