Paddington Vs Silverado

  1. Hi Everyone,

    So I really want to get my first Chloe and I am trying to decide between a Paddy or a Silverado. What do you guys think is a better everyday bag? Seems a lot of people start off with a Paddy, would really like a Chocolate one but there is a gorgeous Chocolate Python Silverado for sale......Oh the Decisions :wacko: :wacko:

  2. Both the paddington and silverado are such great bags I think. ^__^ I really like the silverhardware ones: mousse and anthracite are to die for! But I wouldn't get the paddington because of the padlock which is precisely what makes this bag look so special. I like easy and light bags to carry around, and I know for myself a violent person like me won't have a easy time with the padlock. LOL. But that's me.

    The silverado looks very trendy and I would get that over the paddington. Check out the one angstofgumby is selling, gorgeous bag. :smile: [EDIT] Link to her thread
  3. The python silverado is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. There is this silver python silverado on the BG website that I constantly drool over! Too bad it's illegal here. If it's a choice between the python silverado and the paddy, I'd take the python. In all else, I'd take the paddy over the silverado. :love: :love:

    If you decide on a Paddy style, ETenebris is selling a gorgeous blanc medium pocket. I am really secretly hoping that she falls back in love with that bag so that I could live vicariously through her, but anyways... no such luck for me!
  4. I agree with BL...python silverado (1), paddy satchel (2), leather silverado (3)...

    That being said...the paddy is easier to carry on your shoulders if you are wearing a jacket/coat. The silverado would most likely be arm held in that context. The styling of the two bags is quite different. I tend to prefer the silverado and the pocket paddy over the traditional paddy satchel due to "fit" distinctions. Go with the look and fit that you love!
  5. Oh I wish the stores were open today!!!! :evil: I want to go on and try the different styles!

    At this point I really want a Chocolate bag and a Tan bag so I've been drooling over AngstofGumby's Python silverado. Maybe I should get that and a tan mini paddy, I like the size of those ones.

    First thing tomorrow I am going to Holts!
  6. I like both, but like most of the others, I suspect that the Silverado is more practical and it is certainly lighter! :smile:
  7. I'm not a fan of the Paddy, so my vote is for the Silverado.
  8. I could think about this forever. I LOVE them both! :smile:)
  9. I love paddy, and the silverado is a must have too, but it has to be the PYTHON" the plain leather just looks little boring.
  10. My only concern with the Silverado is that you might knock something over because it jets out on the ends quite a bit compared to the paddy.
  11. The Silverado isn't all that long, especially in terms of the medium/traditional size. The large is quite a bit larger, but I don't think you have to worry about taking anyone or anything out with this style in general. The medium satchel Silverado measures 15" L, and the Paddington measures 14 2/3" L. The Silverado is much sleeker while the Paddy is slightly bulky throughout, so perhaps that is why the Silverado appears longer and slimmer. The Silverado also holds its shape much better I think.
  12. i vote for the paddy, its a little less trendy than the silverado.

  13. Unfortunately, I think even 'classic' (if 'classic' does in fact exist?!) goes in and out of fashion! :blink:
  14. I have to respectfully disagree with this. I think the Paddy is FAR more trendy than the Silverado. And I think the Silverado will definitely outlast the Paddy in terms of wearability. I can see the python Silverado being a really cool bag to pass down to the next generation. The Paddy, not so much; over the passing years I think it will have more of a "huh" factor due to the big, bulky padlock. It's cute for the moment, but I just don't see it lasting for too much longer. None of that really matters though; the most important thing is that the wearer loves the bag. And as long as that is the case, the bag will work for each person on an individual basis.
  15. Sorry, but I find that kinda funny when I was reading. LOL.