Paddington vs. Balenciaga motorcycle

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  1. Unfortunately I don't have $4,000 lying around in my bank account, so I cannot get both paddington and balenciaga motorcycle bags that I love very much :Push: . I can only get one of them - either the paddington or medium motorcycle bag. Which one do you guys think will be a better buy? I'm flexible with colors, but prefer a darker color (like black or grey). Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  2. Throw a Spy in there and I have the same problem. I think I'm going for the Balenciaga. There is a rocker chick in me which is slightly burried and I think this is just the thing to dig her out.:biggrin:
  3. I do not have a Paddington but I do have a Balenciaga and I LOVE it! I use it all the time. It is a very light bag. I've heard comments that the Paddy is a little heavy. Either way you'll end up with a great bag!
  4. What will you be using the bag for? An everyday or occassional bag? Will you be carrying a lot, or just an average amount? I think it's a tough call, but I would choose a Balenciaga.
  5. Balenciaga. I use mine all the time. I have seen it in black and it is beautiful! And way more rocker chick than the paddy
  6. Balenciaga because the bags are incredibly light and don't have the hardware chipping/peeling issues that the paddies have had lately.
  7. I actually have both bags and the B-bag is my current everyday bag. But, nothing beats the Paddy!
  8. oohh such a difficult decision.

    I own a paddy; but, I want a Balenciaga.

    To be honest - I say, go Balenciaga - no one who owns one seems to regret their purchase; and I have read of Paddy owners who regret theirs.
  9. wow... thank you guys for your response. I was thinking of using the bag ocassionally. Because I have to carry my laptop for work everyday, I have already bought one cute bag for my laptop and daily stuff. So I was thinking of buying the bag for like weekend outing to the mall, dinner, lounge, etc. Something that I won't wear everyday, but pretty often as well.

    I am leaning toward paddy before because it's more like a classic bag (so maybe even after 1 year, I can still wear it), but after reading the thread, it seems that balenciaga is a better buy?

    *officially confused*
  10. Vote for Paddy, I quite enjoy mine, and funny enough, don't really yearn for a Balenciaga (wouldn't mind one if it was free :P ). However, like JoV said, throw in a Spy, then there's confusion! In my City (Toronto), I see Balenciaga sooooooo often, but not Paddy, maybe that's why I'm leaning towards the Paddy.
  11. I have the Balenciaga in medium black, Paddington in blue, and the Spy in Cognac. Without a doubt, HANDS DOWN, you should get the Balenciaga. This bag is the easiest to tote around, holds a lot, and accessorizes easily with virtually any outfit.

    I carried my Paddington around a lot as well, but the padlock really makes it a bit cumbersome and a wee bit heavier than most handbags that I carry.

    Of the three, I get the least use out of the Spy (which is a shame since it was the most $$). The Spy is hard to get in and out of and all of your stuff get jumbled in the one main area. Although it's definitely unique, if I had a chance to do it over again, I probably would not have bought it.

    Hope this helps you! :smile:
  12. They had Paddys at Holts last season. I think they are getting more in this season. Unfortuantely, most of the B's are fakes that I see.
  13. this thread is quite interesting to me, because i asked the same question about a month ago and the answers were completely different - EVERYONE said paddy.

    long story short, i just recieved my balenciaga and my paddy is on order, but i think the balenciagas are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. after the initial 'it-ness' wore off, we all went to the paddy, but now it seems like a lot of people are back to the balenciaga, which really makes me think it's going to be a pretty classic bag and a good wardrobe investment. to me at least, any purely trendy bag is only trendy once, it doesn't come back after a year.

    so i'm thinking about canceling my paddy and looking for another b-bag. after i got my b-bag in the mail yesterday, i loved it so much that it made me less excited for the paddy, which won't be in until march, and honestly some of the excitement had worn off already.

    oh the tangled web we weave.
  14. I'd have to say Balenciaga! :smile: Lots of different and fun colours! :smile:
  15. yeah i would go for the balenciaga too it's a safer IT bag to buy. hah!
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