Paddington Tote question

  1. Hello, this is my first post :biggrin:

    Where I live, these bags are unavailable :sad: so I have a couple of questions....

    I was wondering whether the tote/shopper was ever available in black?

    What colour was the stitching and the hardware?

  2. Not sure but I don't think so. I know it comes in Blanc (I have this one and love it), Tan, Whiskey and I think someone on the forum bought one in Mousse recently
  3. Anyone else? please....
  4. I talked to a SA at Nordstrom recently who described what sounded like the tote/shopper in black on their floor, with gold hardware. She wasn't super up on her styles but by the price and size it sure sounded like one of the shoppers (not pockets). Maybe they are just hard to find online?
  5. thanks:biggrin:
  6. Yes, they make one in black, though it's a harder find than most other colors.
  7. If you can't find the noir, I highly recommend this style in Chocolate. I never loved the color brown but after seeing it in this style withe brass hardware, it was the perfect color for this style IMO. I really love this style -- one of my favorites by far :smile:
  8. Lol - I think I should do some research before giving out wrong answers. Just had a look at styledrops and it looks great in black. Hubba hubba.
  9. It seems the black was available through Aloha Rag at one point...
  10. NAP also had it in black about 2 weeks was one of the alternatives I considered to my muse....
  11. I'm considering just the classic satchel style now... I'm thinking that the tote might be too big for all occasions, whereas the smaller style can be worn anywhere.

    I'm thinking of buying from LVR (the site says that black is still available) but it irks me how their pics are so unclear. NAP has such beautiful detail pics...

    Would the black on LVR be the same as the sold out black from NAP?

    Has the stitching colour differed between seasons? In other words is the LVR one current 06 stock?
  12. Kap, hard to say which season but I imagine it is possibly a return? You should email LVRs customer service and ask if it is brand new or what...they are usually quick to respond although if it's not from a major new shipment they don't necessarily have the individual bag in front of them to advise with 100% accuracy (happened to me). Being a return doesn't always mean used or defective.....but depending where you are it can be an expensive gamble if you don't like it. They do have freaky pics, but their mdse is generally the same as NAP and others' stocks.

    I don't know much about the black stitching between seasons, but the most current season I believe should have a dark lining instead of light.
  13. thanks for the quick reply :smile:

    it's funny how a site which sells high-end mech has such bad pictures and sick looking models!

    I wouldn't be happy with a returned bag. If you are paying so much for a bag you'd want it to be new.

    Has anyone recently purchased a black paddy from LVR?