Paddington staple colours?

  1. Hi. I know this might not deserve a thread of its own but I searched the forum, nothing came up and I have no idea where to put it.

    I was just wondering if white/ivory is a staple colour for the Paddington. I love the colour but recently purchased the creme Paddington under impression that they're similar. I realised they're quite different colours upon receiving the bag but liked it too much to return it.

    I'm thinking of getting the ivory one in the near future. Question is: will it still be around?

    Are black and white staple colours?

  2. I think black is a staple color, meaning it's around every season. But I've been told by my SA that ivory (which I think was from last year) and cream for fall '06 are different. The creme is a bit richer and darker (and a little on the pinky flesh-tone side) than the ivory. Does that help at all?
  3. Thanks gina! Definitely did :flowers:
    Yeah, they're very different as I have the creme one. It actually has an orangy undertone, but still a beautiful colour.
    I just can't get the ivory out of my mind. It's the colour I had my heart set on from the very beginning. So I guess if I don't get it now it'll be a lot harder to get in the future...
  4. Maybe they make it in Whiskey too, which is like a carmel color? I know that is usually a staple color too.
  5. Staple colors (so far): Black, chocolate, blanc (ivory), mousse, tan

    Colors that may not be available in the near future: whiskey, blue nuit, taupe

    Discontinued: Craie & Grenat

    Of course there are a ton of other paddington colors, but I just put the ones up here that are considered "staple" colors. There are other hard time find colors such as sable (cream with pink undertones, etc).

    For paddington colors I suggest you check out these two threads:
  6. CRAIE is such a beautiful ivory color! :love:

    Oh man, just realized this is my 1000th post.. LOL forgot to look for that! :yahoo:
  7. CONGRATS D & G!!

    This is such a fun board to read and post to :yes:

  8. Thanks everyone:flowers:
    Esply to LG for the links;)

    I guess I'll be getting my ivory after all:yahoo: