Paddington small wallet VS Silverado small wallet


Which wallet for me?

  1. Silverado python

  2. Paddy

  3. Try and fill the one you have instead of spending its contents!!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to pet a Dolphin Python silverado (it's a light blue-grey) and I quite liked it BUT I think I want a Paddy wallet to go with my paddy.
    I liked the colour of the silverado and the user-friendliness, and there wasn't a same size paddy wallet to compare with (pictures of the inside welcome) but I don't really like the python.

    So answer my poll and help me decide what to do. :love: Thanks ladies!
  2. The paddington wallets are so cute! Do you want a small or a large one? I guess a ailveradi wallet could be nice, but prefer the same style as the bag...
  3. Ehh, sorry - didn't read the question properly - the small paddy wallet is a good choice!
  4. I just love the paddy wallet. That would be my choice!
  5. I have the large paddy wallet and I love it - very user friendly. I'm sure the small one is just as great
  6. Get the small paddy wallet!
  7. I don't know, they haven't arrived yet. I want to see the inside, to see card slots and what have you before deciding. Does anyone have the small one and be willing to picture it?
  8. Oooh, gorgeous. But I'm not sure I like the zipped around look :sad: Meh, indecision will probably leave me with my current wallet and a little bit of cash :biggrin:
  9. Yeah, I know what u mean about the zip all the way around. It's a hassle to to open and close, I reckon, especially if you have coffee in one hand, shopping bag in another... So, while it's cute, maybe not so practical.. Good, safe your money for another bag, hehe!
  10. Hehehe, yeah, I guess.