Paddington Side Belt... How to Use?

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  1. Just wondering... my new Paddington (medium) came with the side belts buckled at their tightest. Means that I always have to open both zips to be able to reach inside and grab anything. Does everyone keep theirs this way? Are there any reasons to adjust the side buckles? Or any reason why I should leave them that way? (I know, this is like a totally ignoramus question, but what the heck...what is a purseblog for?) Thanks all!
  2. Hi beth! Naw you dont have to keep them that way. It depends how much you stuff your bag & how much you keep it open & unzipped. I always had mine on the 2nd or the last hole b/c I stuffed mine with a lot of stuff. So you can pretty much do as it suits you! ;) congrats on your new paddy btw!
  3. Mmm I agree, just play with them will you get what you like and what works best for you. I loosened mine, but didnt like the way it looked, so now they are at their tightest again.
  4. The side buckles on my Paddy are also at their tightest. At the end of the day when I empty out my bag, I unzip both zips fully so I can stuff it with tissue paper properly.

    I think the shape of the bag holds best when the buckles are at their tighest, otherwise not enough of the tab pokes through the buckle. Unless you carry a lot of stuff around in your bag!
  5. Oh my... you empty it out every night? I guess that's one way to keep your bags in rotation. I just drop my purse on a little table in the "mudroom/laundryroom" (basically a tiny hallway area right inside the garage.) My cellphone gets plugged in right there, my shoes get kicked underneath the little table, and everything is ready there for me to grab and run out the door in a flash the next morning!

    BTW, I had lunch with friends yesterday and my very fashion-savvy friend J. saw the bag and knew EXACTLY what it was! Kewl....
  6. Yep! I'm very careful with most of my handbags, except for the LeSportsacs! When I took my Paddy out to see some friends, they were like, "Can I touch it?"