Paddington Shopper

  1. Anyone own the Paddington Shopper? I'm contemplating, this Mommy needs lots of room. Just want to know the opinion of those who own. How much, and where did you get it? I have the 'original' paddington satche, don't know if it's wise to get another paddington, albeit a shopper.

    Also, anyone able to tell me why LVR seems so much cheaper than say, NM, after conversion??? :confused1: THANKS :P
  2. Well, if your like me, I like to take pretty much everything with me that I may need (I have a 2 year old) and this bag is not the bag. Because of the zip at the bottom, the depth of the bag on the top isn't that much. It is a very cute bag, and I love the bottom part for diapers, etc. and if you can get away with not carrying around that much in the top part (just a wallet, a sippy cup and some other things) you may be okay.
  3. Mammab, you may the only one with the bag!!! What colour is yours? So the bottom part w/ the zipper is another compartment? Pictures? Sorry, a million questions!!! :lol: Thanx again :smile: Oh, really heavy?
  4. I really like this bag. I saw it in Grey this week, ohh this bag with the grey boots, how gorgeous would that be :biggrin:

  5. Gorgeous!!

    I am "expecting" :love:

    A taupe tote is on it's way to me. I hear it's super huge but that sounds
    perfect for me!! :yes: It's the style with the double handles and the open
    pocket on the outside. I am so excited!! :yahoo:

  6. Love The Boots! (:
  7. I have the bag you are talking about. Last year they called it the shopper tote and I got mine from LVR for a much better price than here. This year they call the pocket paddy the new shopper tote, not to be confused with the shopper tote from last year with the open outside pocket. I use the bag as a carry on or to put a lot of stuff in when I go somewhere, so for a mom's bag it will be perfect. One warning. If you weigh it down too much the hardware that holds the handle on may come apart. Mine has twice but fortunately I have found the little piece and screwed it back together. I met someone who was not so lucky so she had to tie hers on until she brought it back to Nordsrom and they sent it to chloe for the replacement part. Even if you buy yours at LVR, Chloe her will fix it if this happens.
  8. hmwe, he he, congratulations on your new imminant arrival ;)

    I love taupe, cannot wait to see piccies :biggrin:
  9. hmwe46, congrats!!! I just gave birth two weeks ago to a baby girl :smile: So I'm looking to treat myself too (every chance I get right?). How far are you along?

    Do love the boots too. But have no occasion to wear it right now!

    Loren, where does the screw come loose from? The inside you mean? I didn't realize that there were screws involved. Haven't had that happen to my satchel yet.
  10. he he, I think hmwe means she is "expecting" a new bag baby :biggrin:

    Bobojue, many congratulations on the birth of your baby girl. Its such a special time, and good that your brain has not gone to mush too much that you can still think about fab new bags.
    Can you post a picture of your gorgeous new daughter. :smile:
  11. Congrats Bobojue!!! :heart:

    Yes, I confess: the new arrival is Paddington :upsidedown:

    Sometimes my sense of humor gets ahead of me :shame:

    No kids, just handbags and shoes--oh and three dogs that suck up all my spare
    time with jogging and playing and training. :flowers:
  12. I ordered this shoulder bag last week in chocolate brown...I can't wait for it to get here! If they made the boots in that color, I'd be in biiiiig trouble...
  13. Hippiechic, I was going to ask if you decided in favor of the hobo :smile:

    After reading the thread on single strap paddies, I was almost convinced!!

    When should you get your bag?? Post pics!!

    Bobojue - did you decide on a tote?? BTW, was the bag in your initial pic Jaune?
    I love that color IRL!!
  14. hmwe46, I ordered it by phone last Thursday from Nordies, who had to have it shipped from another store. They said if it doesn't arrive within 8 days they can track it for me, but otherwise I have no way of knowing when it will arrive. The charge has hit my bank card, so hopefully it is well on its way...maybe tomorrow?

    I'll definitely post some pics when she arrives. It will be my first Chloe!
  15. congrats hippiechic!!! :yahoo: I can't wait to see pics of your first chloe!!! :love: