Paddington Satchel from NM - Muscade

  1. Hi all,

    Just recently I purchased the following bag from Neiman Marcus:

    I ordered "Whiskey", but was shipped the bag in Muscade. I was confused by this since the bag was only offered in "Whiskey" and "Moka/Brown" online.

    My question is: did NM ever offer this bag in Muscade online, and if so, does anyone know a price or have a link to the bag? I have fallen for the bag in Muscade and definitely want to keep it, but was wondering if there needed to be any kind of price adjustment.

    Thanks a bunch! ;)
  2. NM online usually just calls their bags random colors, such as the "mocha" when in Chloe paddy official terms for when that bag was produced it is "Brun" or "Chocolate". I don't even think "mocha" was a Chloe color when your bag was made and it would have been "Moka." The Muscade is a gorgeous color and who knows, maybe if you call NM they will give you 10% off or something for the bag not being a true Chloe "Whiskey." Good luck :p
  3. I think whiskey is the older color from the past year or two. I've still seen Muscade in the stores in recent months so I doubt you would get another price adjustment. If anything, they might want you to pay more for the current color!:lol:

    Congratulations on the muscade paddy! It's a beautiful color.
  4. Good to know - thank you all!
  5. Yes, the bag I got was a Muscade 2007, and it really is a lovely bag. I clicked on the link you gave but it came up empty.

    You should definitely consider the other color! They have quite a few of that color in stock so maybe they will reduce the price even more at some point??
  6. I am tempted becuase you said the lock hardware was lighter in weight than previous years! I sold two 2006 paddies becuase they were too heavy!

    How do you know they have a few? They have had this price forever now!
  7. If you play with the order quantity number it will tell you they have 29 left in stock for the Mocha! Its gone down just a few since a couple days ago.
  8. I really like this bag too, and was going to oder it, but i saw some tPFer got it for 500 something at NR. I'm wondering if someone saw it on sale somewhere else.
  9. I looked back at some of the threads and it looks like the "Mocha" they are selling is Moka from 1-2007.

    I called NM and they did give me a 10% discount for the different color. I'm happy with that! :happydance:
  10. Oh yeah Congrats....

    I wonder how moka compares to the brun!
  11. That is awesome!!! Way to go!
  12. I love that bag and I think that whiskey or muscade are fabulous! Good job!! And thanks for the tip on how to check the quantities. Often wondered about that....