Paddington Question???

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  1. O.k , so I really want a paddington after all these gorgeous pics of them, - but I dont know much about them . Can any one give me details such as what colours they come in - what sizes, years of when different colours have been introduced, and if different colours will be coming out in 2006... I am totally clueless on the paddy --- I have only ever been interested in LV till now .. Please help educate me :biggrin:
  2. I know the feeling kimmy.:lol: I'm in the opposite boat - know a fair bit about the paddy, but will probably never have one. *sigh* Still, I can live vicariously through this forum.

    The paddy comes in 3 sizes - small, medium, large. I don't know the exact dimensions, except that the medium is about 15' end-to-end. I'm sure someone else knows, but the medium is the most popular size. If you see someone wearing one, its probably that.

    It was released originally earlier this year, I think, in one colour - tan. Its often referred to as 'the campaign bag' on ebay. The following season (A/W 2005, maybe) they released some more colours - khaki, chocolate and rouge (bright red). This was followed by the grenat (wine red - Megs' bag), ivory, and bleu nuit, a sort of denim blue colour. Then came F/W black.

    For the S/S 2006 season they've added whiskey (darker than the original tan), another chocolate (not sure what's different there, except the interior is darker), cream, silver, anthracite (fayden's newest), pale blue...and I think there might be a gold one on the way. Oh, and the grey/blue/black colour that Noriko had briefly.

    That's all I can remember off-hand - if I've missed anything, folks, feel free to add it/correct it.

    1choc.jpg Chocolate

    1grenat.jpg Grenat

    1whisk.jpg Whiskey

    1001.jpg Khaki

    1bp.jpg Blue nuit
  3. 1greyblue.jpg Grey

    1tan.jpg Tan

    8blk.jpg Black

    NMV6383_ap.jpg Anthracite

    NMV6383_mp.jpg Silver
  4. wow that was great - I am starting to learn more :smile: - do you know what size the ones on are
  5. I think I may get the whisky or chocolate next year --- do you think they will become more easily accessable next year .
  6. 13045_index.jpg Light blue

    1132227117999_PB210140.jpg Cream

    The only one I can't find is rouge (bright red).

    PS I know its very sad that I have pictures of almost every colour. What can I say - I love the paddy.
  7. Medium, I would guess. They're genrally the easiest to come by.
  8. thanks , by the way where in the UK are you from - I am from Surrey :smile:
  9. You're welcome. I'm from Yorkshire.:biggrin:

  10. I think they are easy to get now , they have them on NAP and I heard that Chloe in NY has some. I got a cream , my first paddy, two days ago, and I love it. I was just like you, I mostly had LV's (along with some chanel, dior , balenciaga, etc more classics) but this bag is great for me too I have found.
  11. As you are from Yorkshire it might be easier to get one on I purchased one last night and they are still avaialable now. Just in time for Xmas !
  12. Believe me, I've been eyeing them. But I just can't afford it right now. :sad:
  13. Girl, I hear ya! Ditto for me too... ::sigh::
  14. and me LOL -- I will have one in the next quater though fingers crossed .. I may ask my bf to help save he he