Paddington question ???

  1. Hello all.....
    I just spoke with a friend yesterday who said that she has taken the lock off of her Paddy and tied a cute scarf on instead....

    Has anyone else done this....
    She took hers to NM and had the SA tie hers ....(she is not talented with scarves)

    Anyway...I thought this was a clever thought....

    Does anyone have pictures of theirs in action with a scarf???


  2. Have not seen (and not sure I could pull it off - uncoordinated!) but I think it's a great idea, would love to see a photo --- love my Paddys but sometimes do leave the lock off or tuck it down into the outside pocket just to avoid wear and tear on it, this would be a great alternative. :smile:
  3. thats something different! let's see pix
  4. Sounds interesting...i've seen scarves tied on Hermes bags and they look fab, but it's not something i've tried myself.:smile:
  5. how interesting! I LOVE that idea! the paddy weighs the bag down, cute as it is...and a scarf can revamp the paddy look if done well! and make the bag w/o a paddy look chic as opposed to awkward... someone w/ some nice scarves show us some pics of it done??? :love:
  6. Oh, are there any pics of this at all? I sold my first Paddy b/c it was too heavy for me to carry, but I just bought another which hasn't arrived yet, and I would love to know how I could carry it without breaking my arm!

  7. photo of paddy with a louis vuitton scarf, i use scarves quite a bit on my lvs
  8. ^^ I don't like it... sorry. :sad: The scarf would look better tied to the Edith. A few pfers have done that (following the Hermes trend?) with their Edith and it looks fabulous!
  9. I saw the only other person in my captial city who owns a chloe and she had a scarf tied around one of the rings that holds the handles and the looked nice. It was a smaller scarf than that pictured above.
  10. Around the handles it would look nice, but not in place of the lock...
  11. Never did that but it does sound pretty :biggrin:
  12. I will try it with a smaller "neckerchief" scarf....I think that might work better....I'll see what I can come up with...unfortunately, I think I just sent a bunch that I had to Goodwill recently...
  13. i still prefer mine with the padlock on
  14. i'm a hardware chic so i prefer the padlock.. no matter how heavy it is!!!
  15. I couldn't take my Paddy out without it's padlock:wtf: It'd be like loosing a limb:p