Paddington Purse

  1. Hi all,

    I recently bought a paddington purse (the mini padlock one) with a tassle and the key attached to the ring of the zipper. However, the tassle keeps on coming undone and the key keeps on falling off (i almost had a heart attack in a shop when i thought i had lost it-luckily it had come off in my bag!)

    Does anyone have any tips on how to tie the tassle on without it looking like a lot of knots?!

    I've attached a picture just in case my post doesn't make any sense!

  2. I have the red one. Basically I put the key on the tassle first and then do a loop (not a knot) and it has never came off yet.

    Will try and post a pic so you can see what I mean!
  3. thanks secret's so hard to describe what i mean so pics would be a great help!!