Paddington Purse

  1. Hello, im not sure if im posting in the right place or not, and if it isnt please let me know and ill delete/move it :smile:, but its my girl friends birthday in march and I really want to buy her a paddington purse, something like this would be absolutely perfect, but it would be good if i could pay a little less, if possible. Has any one got any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. this link you posted is for a wallet not a purse?
  3. Mona, for info, we Europeans call a female's wallet a purse, although in the States I believe you call a handbag a purse. That's where the confusion lies.
  4. its all the same thing in my eyes :smile:
  5. Wow....what a great friend you are!! I would say that anything Chloe would be a great gift to get:tup: