Paddington - Orange vs Whiskey?

  1. What is the difference? Can anyone describe the colours? Orange seems to photograph "Whiskey" but its called Orange? So is it actually ORANGE? I really hope i havent asked a duplicate question but im so lost without the "Search" function!! Eek!
  2. Yes, orange and whiskey are two different colors. :yes: I have orange in the medium and whiskey in the medium paddy (and a few other styles as well! LOL) :nuts: The orange is a bright TRUE orange, (like the fruit!) and the whiskey is a orangey saddle brown...sort of a bright tan. Actually it IS the color of "whiskey" (when it's a rich saddle tan.) I personally prefer the whiskey :tup: since it's a classic color, but if you want something very different, then go with the orange. However, I don't think it is as much a year round color as the whiskey:smile: Hope this helps...:wlae:
  3. That is exactly what i wanted to know. Thanks so much, i think im going to stick with my hunt for an 05 Tan :love: as im not overly keen on Whiskey, for myself and that is the only one i have seen in real life!
  4. i have medium in orange, and wear it all year round, always getting compliments from random strangers =p it's a young and chic color that goes well with the bag, that i would even forego my white chanel flap, well just sometimes :love: