Paddington or Spy?

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  1. I'm seriously torn between chloe paddington and a Fendi spy bag
    I know they are really diffrent and hard to compare side by side
    but if I had to choose just one bag for christmas...
    I want to get a bag that I can use often and not get tired of.

    Which one would YOU choose?

    p.s. other suggestions welcome! (btw 1000-2000 ish bags)
  2. I have both and prefer my Spy. It's lighter, roomier and less awkward to carry/use.
  3. I would say the Spy because I think it's more timeless than the Paddington. I also prefer it's shape and that it's lighter than the Chloe.

    Good luck choosing!
  4. paddy, never really liked the spy bag
  5. I'll choose the Spy over the Paddington anyday!
  6. i would go for the spy.
  7. I like the Paddington better. I was never much of a Spy lover except for the one in embroidered denim. That was lovely but I don't care much for the shape of the Spy.
  8. Spy is my choice -=)
  9. I would personally chose the Spy- but the Paddington is also very nice... Hope you find the one you love and post pics pls :yes:
  10. i vote for the Spy. Paddy's big padlock bothers me, guess that's the reason why up until now i don't own any paddy :smile:
  11. Even though I don't have either, I have been lusting over a baby Spy for quite a while. I think that big lock on the Paddy would be a too heavy to carry around after a while.
  12. I would pick Paddington Satchel over Spy.

    How about Chanel? =)
  13. Base on style, I'd say choloe but the hardware is too heavy. How about Balenciaga?:graucho:
  14. My vote is the the paddy:yes: . I've never been fond of the spy
  15. A Spy every time. Classic design, leather is to die for sooooooooo soft also the colours are amazing. Can be carried on the shoulder or arm, you can get so much in them.

    Come and be a secret agent like us on the Fendi site:graucho: