Paddington or Balenciaga?

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Which bag should I buy first?

  1. Chloe Paddington

  2. Balenciaga City Motorcycle

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. If I should take a poll.. which bag should I buy first? I will buy both eventually.. just not both at the same time.. I'll buy the second one whichever is that next month..
  2. I'd say paddington, haven't really gotten into Balenciaga. Saw them, but they just didnt do anything for me :sad:
  3. I can understand why there was such hype around the Balenciaga this year, but I find the staying power of the moto bag very questionable for 2006. Besides, I don't see many people carrying them as much as I used to. Ultimately, it depends on your personal preference, but I think you're better off with the paddington.
  4. I'd say Chloe Paddington now. I still think the Balenciaga City Motorcycle is still cool too. But I love the paddy!
  5. Ha ha ha... this is exactly what I have in mind too! I want both the paddy and the B-bag. :love: Well, they are both hard to find and both around the same price range but I'll say to go for the paddy first because the paddy is still IN and the B-bag we're not sure of it. Good luck wellow!!! :amuse:
  6. Well ... I guess I'm going to be the "odd man out" ... I would go with the Balenciaga bag. However, the reason why I'm saying this is because I find the Paddington to be way too heavy!!! After a day's worth of walking around with that puppy on your shoulder (and with all the 'junk' that I stuff my purse with anyhow), you need pain-killers!

    That being said, I do hope that Balenciaga gets their act together and goes back to their original leather manufacturer as the leather on the 2005 Fall bags was not the same as before. I must say, the leather on the Chloe bags (I do love my Silverado Tote) is superb! However, I do find that the leather on the Chloe bags mar much easier than on the Balenciaga bags.

    Didn't Vogue recently classify the Balenciaga bag in the same 'category' as Hermes Kelly/Birkin, Chanel, etc. - in other words, a "classic"?
  7. omg, I think that's insane. :oh:
  8. WOW... :nuts: I really want a B-bag now!!! :lol:
  9. Paddington!
  10. I vote the chloe bag - I soooooo want one - maybe next year - what colours do they do it in???? anyone :smile:

    I have never really got into Balenciaga.
  11. Literally can't answer that - I love both soooooo much its crazy. Personally I'd go for the Balenciaga first, but if the opportunity to buy the paddy came up first I'd be all over it.
  12. I'd say both! You can never have too much bags :smile:
  13. I think if its a question of which you buy FIRST, then you go with Paddington. I think that Balenciagas are, in general, easier to find at any time (not easy, just easier). If you have a shot at getting a Paddington, don't pass it up. That color might not be locate-able next month if you do the Balenciaga now.
  14. i'm having the same predicament and i really can't decide!
  15. Paddington first.