Paddington or Balencia Motorcycle Bag???

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  1. Which bag do you think would stand the test of time more? I am so torn...My collection consists more of classic designers..Gucci, Chanel, LV, etc. vs. trendy...Or would you say neither and hold off for the new spring lines?
  2. hmmm....i'd say the paddington.
  3. well i hear the balenciaga motocycle is already a classic. so if you want to stay safe, go their way. but i think the paddington will last pretty long too, it's only been 3 years right? seems to be still going strong to me.
  4. i'm in the same bind, but i think that i'm going to go with a paddington once the christmas bills are paid. i just like the shape more, i think, although i'll probably end up with both eventually.
  5. I recall that Issmom summed it up best, and I really think it's true, just think of it as what you're getting first, and that eventually you'll have both.
  6. Good advice. So think of what you will use more and go for it. I don't own one yet but I think the paddington depending on the color would get you thru the spring, summer, and fall. I want Fayden to find us the small paddington...hurry Fayden.
  7. i knowwww, waiting for that to come out. i think i'll be getting the tan one from NAP as soon as it comes in, i'll keep you all posted.
  8. Do we have to choose? They are both really lovely. :love:
  9. i have a small motor balenciaga and a paddy and actually i prefer the balenciaga. the paddington lock, although cute, can be cumbersome. i really want the overnight balenciaga....never ending obsession!!
  10. SuzerStar, I was liek you I had only classic designer handbags- all the LV's , Chanels, etc. But last week I got a paddy. I em enjoying because it is different than what I always carry. It is less structured than my others and is nice for a relaxed look but still nice looking. I do have a balenciaga, currently my sis is using it. But i am super girly and I feel that the paddy is more feminine but sexy with the lock- the way all chloe designs are- feminine, strong, sexy. You cant go wrong with either choice.
  11. Hi!
    Does anyone know about the new spring paddington that only has one strap?


  12. Are you talking about the hobo bag? Are you looking at the ones NM online has?
  13. I want to eventually get both the paddy and the Balenciaga bag, but I'm thinking of splurging on the paddy first just because the paddy is more trendy now. As for the B-bag, I know it's a little easier to obtain since Aloha Rag seems to always have some in stock and I heard NAP is trying to get an account with Balenciaga in the future as well.

    And yes, the Balenciaga is truly a classic for me. It should have a must-have bag on every girl's list.

  14. Balenciaga at NAP, do you have any details as to when this should happen, a date? That would be great!!!
  15. There was an article about NAP awhile ago and someone started a thread about it too. I just remember reading about NAP trying to get an account with Balenciaga too. I'm excited and I'm pretty sure NAP will get it eventually since the got Chloe already. :amuse: