Paddington Nuage??

  1. Hi girls.
    Wundering what the color nuage looks like. Is it white or more into cream:confused1:
  2. From a picture ( i think it looks cream, but haven't seen irl. i think in the picture it looks amazing, I like paddys with silver hardware loads more than gold/ brass. I can't even think about a new bag for ages, but if this is still available at Christmas, then you never know...
  3. I just bought the medium in "nuage" at Neiman Marcus in Chicago. I saw it on as well, and even though I have a few :nuts: bags in various "whites" I just LOVED the look of the silver colored hardware! I paid a bit more for it at Neiman's but you can return there, so I thought is was worth it to spend a bit more just in case I changed my mind. I couldn't get it at the time I saw it in the store since DH was with me!!! :cursing: Soooo, I ended up calling the SA afterward and having them send it to me:smile: (Have any of you ever done that???) I was trying to be very cool about the whole thing, while worrying that someone would come and buy it while I was waiting to get a private minute to phone my order in!!! LOL Oh, the lengths we go to for our Chloes!!!! :graucho:
    In any case, I should have it Monday, so I will let you know. IRL it's a sort of "mastic" color. (I have that as well!!!!) Someone on another thread said that the word, "nuage" means "cloud." It is a sort of "cloud" color...not the warm "ivory" of '06. More with a grayish tone to the white and VERY pretty with the silver hardware...I had to have it!:rolleyes:
  4. congratulations Beanie on a gorgeous bag- everything you said just makes me want it more:drool:
  5. :roflmfao: Been there, done that beanie!! :graucho:

    The Nuage sounds lovely! :tup:
  6. Is it the galet color???
  7. No, the "galet" is a light gray. This is like mastic, just a creamy white with slightly gray overtones. It's closer to a gray-ie cream color...hard to describe actually, but I think the mastic color is the closest. What I like about it most is the silver hardware. All of my other "whites" have the brass hardware and this makes it look very different. :tup:
  8. Hi there...I just bought the paddington tonight in the nuage color and I have to say it is the most beautiful color yet! I could have chose from red,black,chocolate or camel and the nuage just stood out to me so i had to have it! Plus its different than all the other because of the silver hardware. I got it from Neimans in dallas. this color is very limited i hear also...jst in for the fall/winter 2007-2008!
  9. hello there.. found you on this thread as now i want a nuage paddy...
    your olive is on its way...
    so, will you please post pictures of this new paddy... that way we can decide if we want it too?>>???
    i guess if i like it, i might ask you to ask your chicago neiman to hold one for me???
    oh , and got my red one today... a grenat 2005 preloved from a fellow TPFer ...will post pictures once i get it..:yahoo:
  10. Yes, - would love to see some REAL pictures too...:graucho:
  11. i just saw this paddy at NM palo alto today, and think the picture on diabro is pretty true to the color IRL... it's really pretty!
  12. Congrats--it's a gorgeous bag in a beautiful color!!
  13. I love it, and the silver hardware makes it look so cool.