Paddington Mocs: White or Beige?

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  1. Okay ladies, minor dilemna that my husband just can't quite seem to care about!
    NAP emailed me and the paddy mocs are coming out this week, and my special order is in. Should I get the beige or the white? Or...?

    (I've never uploaded a pic before so bear with me...hope this picture of the tan ones worked!)

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  2. Those shoes are so cute. I would get the beige but I don't care for white shoes, they get too dirty.
  3. I would get the white, just because I've been obsessed with white accessories lately, and I think they'd be really cute in white. I'm guessing the white is more of a cream like my bag, which I love.
  4. SO cute! I would love a pair in cream like my Paddy but the tan color are certainly more practical. I'd want both;)
  5. Beige..My friend has them and LIVES in them!!!
  6. I have the tan and I love them...however I am now craving white....:love: ...haven't seen the beige though?
  7. I think that is part of my problem, I really wanted the tan, but missed the NAP boat by an hour.
    And kits kats, that's what I usually end up doing, but I thought I'd show restraint this time...
  8. Beige.
  9. I like the Beige....I thought about getting them on eBay since I too missed the boat, but haven't seen them in person. Good luck, and share pics when you get them!
  10. I like the white :biggrin:
  11. I think the white ones would look great. The buckle on the tip is so cute!
  12. tehy're too cute in beige IMO....I'm on a waitlist, too...
  13. Six to five for beige so far... I'll let you know what I went with when they arrive!
  14. OH decisions decisions! BEIGE I guess. :smile:
  15. That almost sounds like the old "What colour should I paint the ceiling?" joke! :amuse: