Paddington Mini

  1. Does anyone have this bag or know the size of it? It looks really cute and good for going out, but I havent seen it in person and I want to know what would fit in it. Thanks!

  2. This picture is taken with the model holding it to give a good idea of sign. The description says that it is good as an evening purse or will hold everyday essentials such as mobile & lipstick. I think it is so cute :biggrin:
  3. thanks so much!!! I have seen the picture on NAP with the model holding it as a clutch as well, I want to see it being worn under the shoulder or some sort of dimesions!
  4. I saw one yesterday in person and its sooo cute! i mean if i had the money to get one i soo would. Its not very large to be honest but my god its sexy!
    good luck
  5. how much do you think you could fit in it?
  6. Baglover26 - I think this would cover what you can fit in it^^:yes:

    I think it's cute, but a bit too small for my needs...although maybe quite useful as an evening bag?:flowers:
  7. I ordered one from Neimans - its pretty small. You could probably fit a phone, keys, lipstick and very small wallet.
  8. I would be using it for nights out, I guess I should just wait until my Saks has it in, thanks ladies!
  9. it is lovely... i ve tried the sable one and it is so cute.... :smile:
  10. Does anyone have the exact dimensions? Thanks for the info on what it carries!
  11. Its been hard to find measurements on this bag as NAP and chloe have not given dimensions. But roz on ebay (v well respected) is selling one and has given the following measurement :smile:

    Chloe Paddington clutch bag in tan!

    almost 7.5"wide at top
    almost 8" wide at bottom

  12. Thanks, chloe-babe! I'm gonna check it out :wlae:
  13. Can you wear it over the shoulder?
  14. I ordered it from Neiman Marcus but returned it because I found it to be a glorified wristlet...just not practical for me.