paddington: mini/baby or medium?

  1. paddington owners:
    do you prefer the medium size or the baby?

    i didn't set up a poll, because i'm interested in hearing people's reasons for why they like one or the other. for instance, i'm 5'3" and am afraid the medium size would overwhelm me, especially when it's filled with stuff and sagging under my arm. but i'm also afraid that the baby paddington is overwhelmed by the padlock. what do you girls think?

    TIA for your opinions!
  2. I find that the baby is not as easy to sling over my shoulder so I think of it as an evening bag. I think its cute and the lock only appears big when you compare it with the medium satchel.

    My medium satchel is more of a day bag as I can throw more things in it and its easy to carry.

    If you are small framed you may well be able to use you baby as a day bag also. Perhaps you can go and try some on in a shop? Either way - you can't go wrong!
  3. I love the mini its so cute but its too small for me, and i wouldnt be able to get it over my shoulder so i have the medium.
  4. I like the medium. I'm slightly under 5'3'' and it looks great on me :smile: I have both regular paddingtons and just recently the medium satchel with small lock. Both are great, I'd probably consider the mini paddington as a gift to my little sister who is 8. Thats just my style though.
  5. I used to have a medium paddy and I was so overwhelm by its weight that I decided to sell it. I recently bought a mini paddy and I just LOVE it, it's very cute and it's fairly light compare to the medium one but it doesn't hold much due to its size. I think the best way to find out which size is more suitable for you is to go to the shop and try it on yourself. Good luck!!
  6. yeah... i'd love to try them on, but the stores near me only have the medium-sized paddington, which feels kind of big to me...
  7. I prefer the medium size. I don't even notice the weight and I think it looks so much nicer & more smooshy in the bigger size. I get way more use out of my medium size paddy's than the baby paddy which is very odd because I always carried the teeniest, tinest bags because I would always get back aches from bigger bags. Strangely, it doesn't happen with the paddy.
  8. my friend has the medium and she's 5'1. it looks great on her. You're right about the baby - the padlock is overpowering the bag.
  9. hi i am very thin and not high... i prefer the mini ,i think it is very nice and it seems a little jewel on your can wear the mini during days or evenings...the medium is not so pretty for evenings(that's my opinion):tender:
  10. The question is whether you like to carry big bags or if you favor small bags, even just a wristlet!

    When I was single and in my 20's I enjoyed carrying cute little bags and swing packs just for money, lipstick, keys, driver's license and a debit or credit card. Now in my late 30's, I have become a lover of big bags because they function as a carry-all for me. That includes smartphone, wallet, Franklin planner, receipt/paper/pen pouch, cosmetic case, a few kid/baby necessities, snack/gum, water bottle, digital camera, paperwork/reading material, even occasionally my DH's wallet and sunglasses and magazine, etc.!

    A few months ago I did buy a small beige Dior Trotter Romantique boston bag because it looked so beautiful and was on sale at a Dior outlet store but, alas, it's way too small for me. I should have gone for the largest size instead. Oh well, you live and learn!
  11. I think the medium is better if you are looking for an every day bag. The baby is adorable for a night out.
  12. LOL... no wonder we like the same kind of bags seems as though we carry around the same stuff too:lol:...
  13. ALI:roflmfao: LOL... so true!!! What would us chic mommies do without our big bags?!!!
  14. The baby/mini is just so small.

    I have a medium, and I don't think it's too big at all.
  15. Im 5.2 inches bluegenes, so the baby fits nicely under my arm. Piccie here to help you try and see the size of the baby :smile: