Paddington Metallic Anthracite is MINE!

  1. WOO I just got a 'gift' notice from Bergdorf Goodman notifying me that my Paddington Metallic Anthracite sachel is ON ITS way!

    here's a pic-e-poo!
  2. Congrats! Its beautiful!!
  3. Congrats Monablu! The metallic anthracite is the prettiest of the metallic Paddy colours, IMO. A nice muted classy colour, not too bling.
  4. Lovely! Can't wait to see more pics when it arrives! You must be so excited!
  5. Congrats Monablu! The anthracite is also my favorite of all the metallics for the Paddy! I can't wait to see pics!
  6. ya, I finally got my camera back from a friend who borrowed it so Im going to be taking LOTS of pics of my existing collection and future collection!! :love:
  7. Aaaaarrrgggghhhhhhh!
    This is my (current) dream bag and it seems everybody is getting it but me!

    Congratulations on your new baby, it's a beauty!
    *bangs head on keyboard in jealous spasms!:lol: *
  8. Woohoo, that was my hundredth post! :biggrin: Doesn't the Blog Fairy grant me some sort of wish now?:lol: I don't want to picture Vlad in a tutu now though!

    Hmmmm,:shame: sorry monablu, didn't mean to detract from your joy, it really is a beauty. Post pics of you with it? I'll live vicariously I guess.;)
  9. you got it! as soon as it gets here - but I won't take any pics of my face as I still am stained with left over chicken pox from last week! argggh!
  10. yay! i have one too, and i just love it. enjoy!
  11. I love the silver hardware paddys the most! The colors that goes with silver are gorgeous.
  12. I love it!:love: Congrats!
  13. OOOOH "gift"? who gave it to you? lucky girl!
  14. Congrats! I have one also and love it - even got the matching wallet!:love:
  15. Oh noo! I hope you're feeling okay now, thos can be a real b*tch when you're not a kid anymore! :sad:

    But, hell of a get well present to yourself!:lol: