Paddington lock question...

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  1. I just got my first paddington today in whiskey. I was doing my first thorough inspection of the bag and something about the lock struck me as kind of odd. On the bottom of my lock where the key hole is located, there are two screws. One is located on the far edge and the other one is located further in and closer to the key hole. It makes more sense for the latter screw to be on the other far edge so it looks symmetrical, right??

    Anyone else's lock look like this?

  2. Hi Murasaki! My Paddy's lock looks exactly the same, or at least it sounds like it. I bought mine from Net-A-Porter, so I think it is safe to say that it is the real deal. Hope this helps!
  3. The lock on mine looks just like that. I purchased mine from Nordstrom.

  4. All of mine have it too!:lol:

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  5. lovely bags! what color is the one in the back??
  6. Thanks all ! I can be at ease now. I just finished looking at some pics of paddys on ebay and the few pics that showed the bottom of the lock and noticed it too. Phew!

    Sorry, this is my first paddy so I'm not familiar with these little details.

    Now I want to just carry the paddy around with the protective foam that covered the lock when I first opened the box. Now I'm paranoid I might scratch it! The clacking of the lock when it moves scares me a bit. I think I just need to get used to it and "live a little". :shame:

    Star- I love the "family" portrait of your paddingtons, gorgeous!
  7. Total handbag envy!!!:love:
  8. i got my whiskey from Chloe London and it is the same too :smile: dont worry!