Paddington lock loop is Wobbly!!!


Jul 24, 2006
Hey girls!

I tried searching for this in the forums, but nothing came up. So I'd like to apologize before hand if I'm posting something that's already been asked before!

Anyway, I bought an anthracite Paddy about 5 months ago, and I just noticed yesterday that the loop the lock hangs from is wobbly! Has anyone had this issue? Or is it suppose to be a little loose and I'm just being paranoid? I'd really appreciate it if you gals can check your own Paddies and let me know. I'm so scared that it's gonna fall off!

Thanks so much in advance!!!


Jul 7, 2006
None of my loops are wobbly. If you bought it from a bricks-and-mortar store, you should be able to take it back for repairs. If bought from eBay, I'm afraid you might be stuck with it.


Dec 9, 2006
Do you mean the loop attached to the bag, or the top part of the lock? There is a current thread somewhere where somebody said the hardware loop on their bag, which the lock attaches to, fell off. I'm not sure how this happened.


Jul 24, 2006
Roxane: Awww, that's what I was afraid of! I bought it on when they had it on sale, I should be able to bring it in to a Neiman Marcus store to get them to check it out right?

eBay*Queen*: Yea it's the part of the hardware that's attached to the bag itself, where the lock hangs from. Wow, I would hate for mine to fall off... I think it's because of the heavy lock.

I guess I'll see if NM can do anything, but they may say it's due to me abusing the bag. For now, I guess I'll just carry it without the lock.

Thanks so much girls for the imput!


Sep 11, 2006
I've heard loads of bag stuff about Paddingtons.. Especially when you accidentally knock the padlock on something, the paint chips off. A friend who used to work at a store selling Paddingtons had loads of complaints from customers about this too.


Sofa King Marple
Feb 23, 2006
Here's the original thread:

If you've treated the bag as normal (i.e you haven't been swinging from streetlamps with it, carrying your weekly groceries in it etc etc) then i would suggest you get in touch with NM immediately.
Don't keep using the bag if it's faulty because if they agree to take it bag you'll need it to look as good as it can.;)
Did you pay full price?
Explain the problem and they should be able to help you.

These bags carry some kind of unwritten guarantee...and, IMO, they should not be coming apart as easily as that!!:confused1:


Jul 24, 2006
Chicky you are too funny! The bag looks as good as the day I got it, so they shouldn't have a problem with it. The earliest I can get to NM is this weekend, so I'll see what they say.

I actually got it for $860 on :yahoo:, but now this happens. The bag is still on, it just shows up as not available.

I definitely agree with you about these bags should not be coming apart, but what can you do? All I can do now is hope they will fix it for me.

Thanks again girls!
Nov 11, 2006
Oooh, pretty!

I saw a Paddington on sale at Saks Off 5th because the lock fell off in the Saks store and they couldn't find it, so they shipped it to the Saks Off 5th (so the SA said). I think it is because the locks are so heavy.