Paddington Loaf

  1. I saw a couple gorgeous paddington loafs on here and I was just wondering...exactly HOW RARE is it to come across one? I would love :heart: to have one...but it seems almost impossible! That though makes me sad :crybaby: !!
  2. If you live in Sydney, DJ Elizabeth St has the 2006 Blanc reduced from $2000+ to $1075 cos the paddlock has been stolen :smile:
  3. wow! Might have to call them and see if they can send to to DJ's in melbourne!!:yes:
  4. The loaf has few marks on it...
    I was gonna purchase it last week and asked the SA if she could remove some of the marks...she said of course! then she made it worse by wiping it with the purple cloth and whatever liquid she was using cos the purple colours stains the blanc loaf!!!! :crybaby:
    I pointed this colour transfer and she said she cant see it! :shrugs:
    Then I didnt want to buy it anymore cos now there is bluish stain on top of the loaf!! :crybaby:
  5. They do pop up on eBay occassionally. I used to have a lovely tan loaf that I ended up parting with it because it's kind of awkward to get into and out of... but I do miss it! It's funny, when I sold mine on eBay last year, there wasn't a ton of interest in it. It sold, but it wasn't as "in demand" as in demand as I thought it would be. I sold it for a very good price ($850 I think it was?) and it was listed for at least 3 days before someone snapped it up. Fast forward to this year, and I think it would have been gone within a day of the posting showing up! I think interest in these rarer bags comes in waves. Now the loaf seems to be more highly sought after than it was last year.

    Keep checking eBay and posts on this forum; I'm sure one will pop up eventually. :heart:
  6. I've seen them very randomly on ebay. last year, I seen a total of 6 loaves on ebay. This year, 1 so far. Just keep searching, they'll pop up. :yes:
  7. Hmm, might give it a miss then. Thanks aki

    still on the hunt for first chloe!
  8. I thought I was the luckiest person ever a few months back when I found a Choco Paddy Loaf on I snapped it up and had it overnighted. I finally received it and it was the most disgusting used bag i had ever seen:sad: I was soooo sad and i of course, sent it back. So, if you happen to find one at BG or NM online, just be wary that it is probably a very used return. I wish you the best of luck on finding a perfect:yes: one!