Paddington leather vs Spy leather

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  1. New to posting but i've been folllowing this blog for a while. Love this place! Hope everyone is having a great Xmas!

    As one of my presents, DH placed a pre-order for a Whisky Paddy. There's a Saks in town but they don't have any Paddy for me to look, touch and feel the leather. Saks does have a couple Silverados and I had a chance to feel those but didn't really care for the leather (no offense to Silverados owners). In pictures, the Paddy leather looks vey similar to that of the Spy. I've seen and felt the the yummy leather of the Spy and love it. Can owners of both the Paddy and Spy compare the leather for me? I'm hoping that Paddy leather is as soft and supple as the Spy if not better.
  2. paddy leather = 10000x better. i've felt both, and i def prefer the paddy.
  3. Hmmmm ... I really think that it depends on the bag. I would have to say that the leather on my Cognac Spy is far superior to the leather on my Paddington ... but then the Paddington leather is better than the Teal Spy that I have.

    I would say that you should just go for the bag that you like; remember, the leather will soften up after time anyhow!
  4. I like the paddington leather better in general. It smells better too:biggrin: