Paddington Large tote: Opinions please!

  1. Hi Ladies!:smile:

    This bag is discounted by 40% at Net-a-porter (UK) :nuts:


    I like it but would like some other opinions to make my final decision, please. And I have a question: Is she very heavy?
    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I think it's gorgeous,i would get it in a heart beat if i could.
  3. I have it in black patent and it is my favorite Chloe at the moment. I love it with a passion. You can see the pics in the post:....I can't remember the heading?? Something about my heart's desire. Is the one you are interested in the largest size? I understand that one could be very big. Mine is the regular size or medium. Not sure if there is a smaller size?
  4. I saw the pics and measurements and this one is just huge...
    I love the style, though... it looks so practical yet stylish... i understand now why you are in love with your bag, Div
  5. OOOOOOh! I really like that....
  6. Beautiful bag, I love the dome style. I just ordered the smaller size in patent from Nordstrom.
  7. When did this style come out?
  8. It is so beautiful in person and is not heavy at all. I saw them IRL at my Nordies and almost gasped out loud because of their lightweight leather. Personally, I do not like the patent leather and love that it has been released in such a beautiful and versatile color! Please post pics if you want to buy and if you prefer the patent, check out the Nordstrom in Towson, Maryland!
  9. I just saw this bag today FULL PRICE at Harvey Nichols in Dubai and its absolutely amazing, but a bit too big for my taste. Am not small (am around 5'7") and i think this bag would still be way too big for me. Perhaps the smaller size (like the one Div has) would be better?
  10. I like it.