Paddington Key Fashion!

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  1. Ridiculous!!
  2. 100% in agreement with you Jill.
  3. Love the crystal lock, but the price is ludicrous. Also, if you drive and want to use this to hold your keys, it is not good for your car to have a lot of weight hanging from your key...damages the ignition workings over time. If it is anywhere close to the weight of the lock on the Paddy bag, I say pass on this one.
  4. That's just going overboard...maybe it's for people who don't know what to do with their money :biggrin:
  5. Oh good grief! This is the kind of thing that gives the word "designer" a bad name. Who knew Chanel would be cheap in comparison!
  6. I think it's a pretty novelty item--but for the price! That's out of control...
  7. OH! I saw that! I think chloe gotten a little carry away...
  8. OMG! That price is out of control.
  9. Is it silver, or just silver coloured metal?
  10. OMG! It's cute but the price is definitely extreme.