Paddington Ivory?


Feb 26, 2006
I'm 17, I come from Belgium and I've already been wanting a paddington for about half a year but I first wanted whisky. I only know 2stores in Belgium where they got Chloé bags and they both ddidn't have this colour. I've also asked but the're probably not going to get it soon. They do have the Ivory and the Taupe(that's a new colour). The Taupe one ressembles the whisky (or tan) a little but acutally I think I like the Ivoryn one better. I did just buy a white balenciaga le dix so I was hesitating about the ivory one.
Can somebody give me some advice??I usually wear pretty casual clothes (lots of white and black..)
Thanks guys, I think I'll get the Ivory somewhere next week or the week therafter. I also want these new shoes I saw at Armani (Black ballerinas with the logo in strass) and I have to decide what I'm gonna buy first, the shoes or my paddington.