Paddington is huge!

  1. I saw it IRL for the first time yesterday at Nordstroms. It's huge! It is way bigger than I thought it would be! But, yes..I like it! Just sharing my first hands on experience with one :nuts:
  2. Nice! So when are you getting one ;) lol.
  3. I know what you mean! When I first showed a picture of the jeans moyen Paddy to my friend she said "it's cute, but isn't it too small?" Then when it arrived it really was a nice size. The lock is really big, though.

  4. :lol: ROFLMAO :lol:
  5. ^^^its true though, I had mixed feelings when I got one a while ago and then caught the bug and couldnt resist!
  6. I fought it for a long time too, just thought at my age (young 44,:huh: ) I'd be too old for the Paddy, but....what the hell! I ordered it and I'll be receiving it tommorrow :nuts: !
  7. Pursemama you are NOT too old for the Paddy. I'm sure it'll look great! I agree, the Paddy is huge, it's bigger than I thought too when I first got it.
  8. I'm 46 and I'm rockin my paddy!!
  9. Yay Pursemama!!! Which colour did u get?? Can't wait to hear your report and see you pics:smile:
  10. Pursemama, No way, you are NOT too old for the Paddy! You will love it!:biggrin: Post pics, too!
  11. Yes, I cant wait to see pics! :biggrin:
  12. OMG, ya'll are not too old!!
  13. I ordered my Taupe THREE WEEKS AGO and I finally got an email from LVR saying the Paddys WILL be arriving soon. Argh! Impatience! Glad they emailed though, was getting a little worried there :smile:

    Can't wait til it arrives! My reaction may be the same as I have never seen in IRL!