Paddington in wine?

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  1. I saw a beautiful Paddington in wine (I believe in Fayden's collection). :heart: Is this color still available?

    Is there any sites where I could order a Chloe bag and save tax?
  2. Not in the medium satchel but i heard they rereleased the grenat in the baby size.
  3. And Fayden no longer has that particular bag, I do:smile:
  4. Oh cool! Do you love it? I love the color especially :heart:
  5. I see the grenat pop up every now and then on NM and BG. I would keep an eye out. I think those are returns, but you know.. .when you love a color, you just gotta have it. We'll keep an eye out for you!
  6. That sounds amazing!!!!! I'd love to see a wine or bordeaux color!!!
  7. I have the baby paddy in grenate, It is my FAVVVVV. I heart it!
  8. I don't know about wine, but there is a color similar called bordeaux that I bought about 3 weeks ago at Saks.
  9. The fall/05 red is called Grenat. Most people seem to call it bordeaux but Chloe's name is Grenat. Elongreach, is that the one you have? I know I saw the hobo in Grenat a few weeks ago at Saks.
  10. I have the hobo and Saks and chloe call it bordeaux. That's what was on their tag.
  11. I wonder if it's a different color? Like I said, I saw the hobo (probably the same one you have) at Saks but I didn't check the tag. But I used to have the Grenat and it looked like the exact same color. Hmmm.
  12. It probably is the same variation, they probably just changed the name for the season
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