Paddington in Navy or Mousse? Is mousse a true grey? Pictures attached

  1. Both are pretty good deals....i'm going nuts today trying to decide over a tracy or another paddy!!! It never ends....
    navypaddy.jpg moussepaddy.jpg
  2. I still prefer the mousse even if I didn't get one. If you can find one as "inexpensive" as the diabro navy I wouldn't hesitate!
  3. Actually I was looking at the navy one on Diabro! They don't have mousse though. The mousse is on eBay for $900 and claims to be authenic with receipt. Although I'm scared to order from either website...
  4. That mousse on eBay, is, IMO, authentic.:yes:
    I'd get it in a heartbeat! (If i didn't already have one:graucho:)
  5. The eBay mousse is authentic. I prefer mousse, but you should know mousse isn't grey. It's more like a soft green with maybe some grey undertones.
  6. I like the navy better, more vibrant.
  7. I just got the navy from Diabro and it's in my siggy. (Unfortunately, I bought it BEFORE it got marked down to the amazing price it's at now, so I paid about $100 more than everyone else.) It is a REALLY nice color. I think it's really versatile in terms of going with lots of different outfits/color combos. I have never seen the mousse IRL, but grey in general seems more difficult to match, and also slightly more likely to get dirty. I can't imagine you could go wrong with either, though! Or just get both! LOL!
  8. I've attached a pic of my mousse for you to see the colour.
    This is quite true to the colour in artificial light.

    I would say it's a definite grey in natural light, but in artificial light, it definitely takes on a green/darker grey hue.

    It's a very versatile colour.:yes:

    Hope this helps:smile:
  9. i prefer the blue
  10. Thank you for the picture. It sure is lovely. I still haven't made up my mind. I'll let you guys know what I decide and post pics when I get one!
  11. Mousse all the way! I love mine! But you cannot go wrong either way!
  12. I prefer mousse coz it's such an amazing and unique colour! The navy is gorgeous too! It's a great day bag. Perfect with jeans!

    You really can't go wrong!
  13. both are beautiful colors, but I think the mousse is more special:heart:
  14. Like most here, I think both bags are gorgeous, but I think I prefer the mousse coloring. If price is a factor, then get the navy.
  15. Love the mousse!