Paddington in Bergdorf NOW!

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  1. God, 7.2k... My wallet just shed a tear. It's not as incredulous as the 33k spy bag, but nevertheless... that's quite a bill. 0_0

    Ahhh~! I checked NM at Fashion Island last week and they said the newest shipment of paddies are in customs, which means they'll be in sometime next month. Waiting is pure agony.
  2. I saw that too, OMFG! :biggrin: Very nice!
  3. That's the coolest metallic lizard bag I've ever seen! hehe I like that...metallic lizard. Sounds like a cheesy 80's rock band...
  4. omfg what a steal, quick, get your CCs out and get 'em while they're hot.


    I don't even particularly like it. Even less for the price.
  5. It's lovely to look at; all I can do is look...whoever gets it...share your joy!!!
  6. Aww.. it's so cute !
  7. NIce color
  8. i don't get the fuss about this bag. i think it's boring.
  9. It reminds me of the print on broadsheet newspapers for some reason. Not into it - too expensive, and the Selfridges silver one was much prettier.
  10. I love Chloe Paddington:love: but one can get a lot more exclusive bags for that kind of money:Push: …and I think lizard skin is to sensitive and not durable? On the top of this I don’t really care for a black and white pictures, it’s very hard to se how the bag actually looks:huh: .
  11. This bag is priced for movie stars and otherwise very rich follks - Just absurd! - I'd rather buy a gorgeous bag for about a grand and spend the rest on a trip to Europe.
  12. Sweetie, that photo isn't black and white. That's what colour the bag actually is.:lol: :idea:
  13. I’m not arguing with the colour of the bag:P, but the picture is black and white, sweetie;)
    And I hope I’m entitled to my professional opinion:huh: ?
  14. Of course you are - that's what this place is all about! :smile: