Paddington Hobo

Jan 25, 2006
Does anyone here have the Paddington Hobo? I like shoulder bags and this style seems like it might suit me. Does it come in more than one size? I would love to hear opinions from those who have it.

Did the hobo ever come in Whiskey? I saw a picture posted a few pages back of a red color. Did Chloe do a bright red and a burgundy? Or is burgundy their only "reddish" color for this bag? The SA that I spoke with said that they only make the hobo in burgundy. Neiman Marcus's shows the ivory as being on back order though. Huh?
Noriko said:
The burgundy was really nice :biggrin: It was kind of a deep red, I tried to order it but always missed it by half an hour or so.

Saks in Houston had that bag a week or so ago! It was Grenat, which was from last year so I'm not sure why they had just gotten it in.
SoCal or anyone else familiar with Balenciaga, is the Chloe "burgundy" close in color to the Balenciaga "bordeaux"? I have a bordeaux twiggy and I'm worried that the burgundy hobo might be too similar in color.
Daisy said:
I just posted my Grenat (what people call "burgundy") in the Chloe Colors thread. =)

Thanks. I saw your pictures. GORGEOUS bag! Did you sell it?

Sometimes it's hard to get an accurate read on a color through a photo. Are you by chance familiar with Balenciaga's bordeaux? The bag in your picture looks more "red" than the bordeaux, but it's a tough call to make without being able to see the bag in person.
Yep, it's very hard to tell from a pic. I will say though that on my monitor my pic looks fairly true but perhaps lighter/brighter than the real thing. Grenat is RED though, not burgundy, albeit a very deep, dark red. Sadly, the Bordeaux B was always the color B I wanted, but I never did see it IRL. I do have a feeling that they're pretty similar, maybe with the B being a little more on the burgundy side.

I returned that bag for the Blue Nuit. =)