paddington hobo available

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  1. i was just perusing and they have the brown paddington hobo available for 1500 plus a few other new chloe handbags. they weren't there the last time i looked like two days ago, so if any of you were thinking about a paddy hobo, now's the time!
  2. And now its gone!
  3. it's back!
  4. Its like watching a tennis match!
  5. oo nice! If my paddington werent come soon I'd totally be ON THAT! :biggrin:
  6.'s gone now... i really don't like the hobo though...
  7. This item is not available...hehe
  8. And it's nice that Neiman's puts a limit on how many per customer....

    "Due to high demand, a customer may order no more than three units of this item every thirty days."