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  1. I recently bought a paddy from eBay (i know i know)
    But i was wondering if you all could take a look and tell me what you think. This bag was too cheap to be real- but for some reason I bid and won anyways

    I have recived the bag, and cant figure it out. I have never seen the real paddington! There is a money back garentee untill tommrow.
    So please let me know your thoughts ASAP

    Thank you!!!
  2. I didnt get my paddington yet (hopefully next week :biggrin: ) so I can't say for sure, but the shape looks a little off. Plus it went for an extremely low price, which is always suspicious. They appear to have a money back guarantee though, so hopefully it turns out to be real, if not you can send it on back :biggrin:
  3. I have it in my home now, and because I havent seen a real one-
    I cant tell!!!

  4. You know I'm not a Paddington expert by any means (always wanted one but just thought the price outrageous - but this presentation by the seller looks very convincing - and then again the price is ridiculous - did you ask the seller the classic question: "How and why are you selling this bag at this price"?" - If I as much as suspected it was a phony, I would return it - for me, it just has to be the real thing or nothing.
  5. Check for id tag inside the zipper compartment. There shld be a tag with a no. and is light brown in color. I hv the real thing fr Paris chloe.
  6. sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but i am sure that this "paddington" is fake. the seller has other paddys for sale for cheap as well .. who could afford to do that if it was real? i suggest you get your money back :Push:
  7. The bag you have is definately fake hun :sad: The Paddington has really buttery soft leather and kinda "collapse" when you hold it up. The shape of your Paddington is too rigid ... besides, it is way too cheap!

    Tell them that they have sold fake goods and get your money back!

    Maybe take it into a Chloe store and get them to verify on paper that its fake? This might help with your refund

    Good luck!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.