Paddington Hardware Question

  1. Hello,
    I just became a member of the Chloe Paddington handbag owners group, and all your raves about this handbag was correct. I have a question that I know the long time owners can answer. Why is it that that all the chloe hardware is brass and the zipper is chrome???? I would have thought the zipper would have been the same. Please give me your thoughts about why the two different colors??????
  2. haha, dunno why they did this. prob figured the zippers were a purely functional thing? or maybe the zipper company they chose (for the best zips, or whatever) only made them in chrome..

    either way it doesn't bother me now. i figure; it's part of the look. keeps it a bit casual and funky, not too matchy-matchy?
  3. No idea why they decided to make them that way. I agree with hellooholly, it keep the bag from being matchy-matchy and gives it a bit of contrast. :yes:
  4. Someone mentioned on another forum (tfs) it allows you to wear both gold and silver jewellery ... I agree and think it's great :biggrin:
  5. That was the first question my Mom asked too..........I didn't have an answer either............
  6. Good question!:yes:

    Here's what i think - if they did the zippers in the same oxidised metal as the brassware, or even in a 'gold' coating to match the rest of the bag, they would have to 'coat' the zip.

    This would mean that the zipper would rub on the teeth when you pull it across, possibly causing noticeable wear and tear.

    PLUS the gold coloured zips always tend to be stiffer to pull across (think jeans) and therefore would probably not be as practical on a bag that needs to be accessed by a zip. And as far as the paddy silver zip goes - it's pretty easy to use and just kind of glides...

  7. I agree...but then again, how many actually use the zippers on their Paddy? I don't - I just fling the lock over to keep it closed!
  8. I personally always use the zippers, i feel 'safer' knowing that every Tom, Dick & Harry can't see all my stuff.:yes:
  9. Same!! :yes:
  10. Me too..!! :biggrin:
  11. I love the two toned hardware... I think this little detail made the paddy even more popular as you can wear gold or silver jewelry and no biggie! It totally wouldn't look the same if it were all brass. hmmm i really love chloe.. :love:
  12. I've been wondering this for some time. When I first saw it in a photo (on an actual photo, not stock) I thought it must have been fake. Then I looked into it more.

    Some people might think the same, but not if they truly know Chloe'.

    I think Chicky is right about the reason. And I actually also just fling the lock over (or intend to, it's new), I would zipper it if the zipper ends didn't separate, grr.

    I like the idea of being able to have different jewelry, I just wish there were more silver throughout the bag's body. The designers didn't intend for that to really be a reason, I think.