Paddington Handles Problem

  1. Hello everybody!

    I have a question regarding the construction of Paddington bags. I bought a Chloé Large Paddington Capsule Tote in Tan from net-a-porter and received it on January 14. Not even two weeks after I started using the bag, I noticed that the 'paint' which finishes the edges of the handles have started to chip, peel and flake away exposing some of the thread binding the two pieces of leather that make up the handles themselves.

    I expect wear and tear on handles of bags but this is ridiculous. I have contacted net-a-porter and they told me to send the product back to them. I have a feeling that this type of sending things back will drag out.

    There is a Chloé boutique in my city so I'm tempted to take it there to have them look at it but reading previous posts on this forum, I'm wary about the type of help I will get from them.

    I love the bag and don't really want to part for it for an indeterminable amount of time (if I send it back) but I also can't accept or use it for that matter in the condition it's currently in.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! And if anybody else has also had similar problems with their bag handles, I would really love to hear what you did about it!

    Danke schön! :smile:
  2. Hi there and welocome to the Chloe forum :welcome: I'ts horrible when a bag doesn't live up to expectations isn't it. I can't advise you as i haven't experienced this problem. However i did want to sympathise. I hope you get some advice, and then some results. Although i would say, it can't hurt to take it to the Chloe store where you live, you might get the results you want. Can't hurt to ask :smile:
  3. I havent had that problem myself but it is probably easier taking the bag into Chloe and ask about it. If they can't help then you could send it back but asking doesnt hurt.
    I was told when I was in a Chloe shop that I need to spray my bags with the kind of spray you use on boots to protect them from the rain. That was just out of the blue because they noticed a water stain from the rain on my bag and when I got back home the water stain was gone again. I am not sure if I dare spraying the bag though so will probably just not use it if it rains.
  4. I just got my first Chloe purse today... now, this scares me!!! Can you please post the response you get from Chloe or Net-A-Porter when you ask for their help? Thank you and good luck.
  5. Net-A-Porter are fast with returns/exchanges. I was the same as you when I got my first Chloe from them. It was faulty and I was almost prepared to live with it rather than send it back and be without it for however long. In the end I decided it was too much money to just live with. I sent it back and within the week I had a new one. I now dont have it at all though as I got 3 replacements two with the same fault one with a completely different one, but I gave up. I was over the bag by the last one because of all the problems I had. So I sent it back one final time for a refund. They are fast though and Id recommend you just exchange it to save yourself worrying about it as you will worry every time you look at it - I did with mine.
  6. I agree, NAP is great with this stuff - it won't be dragged out and you're better off getting a bag that is in perfect condition. NAP is offering you a chance to right this so go for it!