Paddington from Aloha rag

  1. Hi everyone!

    After I found the sale at Aloha rag thread, I bought my first Chloe bag from them. I was excited when I ordered it, but now I have received it and I do not know about it... Here are why:
    * The bag did not come with the tag or card at all..
    * The bag is not as boxy as it appears in the picture.
    * The leather is surely soft, but not as smooth as I expected. It is like rough pebbled leather.
    * The lock gets in the way when I open and close the zipper and it sinks in the bag when I carry it....
    * When I open the zipper all the way, the zipper gets stuck at the end and it's hard to close it again.

    Sorry, I do not mean to criticize, but is this normal? Or is it just me to feel this way? I just would like to know if it is this particular bag I bought or all the chloe paddingtons are like this.

    I would apprecite any opinion of yours!
    Thank you very much.
  2. Max every single thing you have described is normal!

    If you dont love it I would suggest sending it bag as you need to fully love it to accept the padlocks, the zips (which will get easier with use) and the leather that will definately soften with age.

    Post some pics if you get a chance
  3. The paddy I got from NAP has soft, pebbled leather. The lock is inherently cumbersome as you described (well, it's a big heavy lock.. lol) and causes the bag to collapse when it's not full. The zippers on mine open all the way so that that both sides separate from eachother. So yes, that's normal. The Chloe Paddington takes a bit of exploring!

    I find it weird though that your bag didn't come with a tag or card! :s
  4. Unfortunately, aren't the Aloha Rag sales final? As in, no returns?
  5. Hi Max, I recently bought my first Chloe from AR, too!

    Leather: I received my choco paddington front pocket on Tuesday and was excited but a little disappointed that the leather wasn't "smooshyy" as described in this forum, and the the color was very dark, unlike pics I've seen. Well, I learned thru this forum that the '05 paddington chocolate ("milk") is different from this model, the Fall '06 chocolate ("dark") paddy. That's okay since I do wear darker browns and I already have a beautiful Coach mia satchel in a sort of nutmeg color. I agree, the leather is a rough pebbled leather, but I suspect that this bag needs a cleaning and moisturizing. With use, it should soften over time.

    Docs: I did get the tag and card.

    Size: It's not as boxy because it's probably stuffed in the pic and collapses when it's empty. For me, the size is perfect (altho I won't stuff it because it'll be too heavy).

    Lock and zips: I do love these details, altho the size of the lock surprised me, too! But I'm now seeing what all the fuss is about. I'm gonna love this bag a long, long time!!!

    I hope you do grow to like it - I still have it hanging from my coat tree in the hall way so I can steal glances and see if I really love her or if it was pure infatuation. I believe I'm at 89% love (from about 61% on Tuesday, and I was contemplating selling her on eBay). It's THE most I've ever spent on a handbag so I'm still waiting to be utterly WOW'd 100%!

  6. What colour did you get? And can you post pics?

    All sounds normal for the Paddy though - what bags have you been used to before now?
  7. Thank you everyone for your responses! I'm glad everhthing seems to be normal with my bag. I was starting to worry about authenticity. I wish it came with the tag and card.
    I got orange one and here are pictures.
    The third one shows the roghest part of the leather.
    Until recently, I have been using mostly Coach and Francesco Biasia, but I wanted to try something different.
    Aloha Rag will not take returns for Sale items, so I will wait and it will probably grow on me. I still think this is a nice bag, but for the price and reputation, I expected a bit more...
    Anyway, thank you very much for your comments!!!
  8. Hey Max,
    I'm sorry you don't love your new paddy! For what it's worth, I think it's lovely! :heart:

    The leather varies greatly from paddy to paddy. I've seen some paddies in stores that I didn't like simply because of the leather on that particular bag. And then there have been other ones that I fell for because I loved the leather so much.

    If it doesn't grow on you, then I would suggest you sell it on eBay. You should be able to get your money back, I would think.

    Good luck!
  9. I can tell about the tag and care card in my experience. When I purchased the Chloe mini paddington at the authorized boutique in Italy, they missed the care card of the bag, but they seems do not care about this because they think what so important of care cards because they are just papers not to prove authentic. They said that replicas sellers more care about dust bags, care cards, tags.. .:rolleyes:
  10. Gosh I absolutely love your bag. But you have to love it? I think the color is perfect. It would have been my first choice in that grouping.
  11. I just ordered the same bag from aloha rag & I'm expecting it next week. It's going to be my first Chloe too. I'm sorry to hear that you're not in love with it, but the color is beautiful & I've always wanted that huge lock! I hope that it grows on you because it really is a gorgeous color.
  12. Oh I LOVE the orange! :heart: I was not going to get it when it came out originally b/c I have the whiskey, which is close in color, but when it went on sale at Sabine's I couldn't resist! :graucho: (Thanks girls!!) I should be getting it on Tuesday so will keep you posted as to how it looks IRL! :nuts: (I got the classic medium paddy:smile:
  13. I'm also thinking of getting the orange pocket paddy from AR. Thanks for posting your pictures max the cat! Wasn't too sure about the color, but now that I've seen yours I'm sold. Going to wait for my two other Chloe bags to arrive, about Tuesday, so hopefully it won't sell out before then.

  14. Thank you again for all your comments!
    Actually, it is starting to grow on me already... I may just take out the lock when I carry it so it won't get in the way...(I hope it wouldn't look odd), but I LOVE the color and I do not want to give up on it.
    BTW, AR was so cool about the tag and card. They mailed them to me right away when I asked about them!!
  15. Max, the zip was one major bugbear for me on my first paddy (the zips used to open all the way and actually come out of the zipper to make it even more annoying lol!)

    You do get used to them, and a tip is while pullin the zip, if you look at the end of the zip, there is a place big enough to put your fingers in which really helps hold the bag straighter and the zip then runs smoothly. After a few times, I promise you wont notice it any more, it just takes a while to get used to :smile:

    Its great that they are forwarding the tags to you too, its good to have everything, just incase you want to sell on at a later date, when another Chloe grabs your attention ;)