Paddington for my daughter

  1. Hi Ya'll!
    I'm new to the forum and it's been great so far!!

    I have a couple of questions...My daughter, who will be 21 soon, is wanting a Paddington bag in the brown color. Where might I find one online at a discounted price? Also, how do I tell if it's authentic or not?

    I appreciate any help!! Thanks tons!!

  2. I'm afraid it's hard to find authentic one with discounted price but you might find one slightly used from ebay with a bit lower price than the retail. Most of the bags on ebay are fake so you'll need to be careful there, it's wisest to have bags checked out on "authenticate this" thread (it's located on "chloe shopping"). Good luck in finding one with reasonable price :flowers: Your daughter is a lucky girl to have a lovely and generous mother like you :biggrin:

    Ps. I bought my large pocket satchel from ebay with about 1/2 ot it's retail price, it was 4 times used/like new..!! But the most popular styles/colour rarely go for that low price :P

    Edit// Here's the link;
  3. Sonja is right- if you find one on ebay for a good price then we can help
    authenticate it, check out the seller, etc.

    Also, there are many "brown" colors. Does she want the chocolate? Or
    the whiskey? or the taupe (DH calls that one brown too! LOL) Some colors
    are easier to locate at good prices than others.

    Also, check out and for better than
    department stoes prices.

    Good luck and happy hunting!!
  4. Thanks sooo much for all the info!!! As for the color, it's like a saddlebrown color...??

    I've visited the links ya'll provided and they've been very helpful. As for the price of a Paddington Bag, what is a good price range to stay in?

    Hugs to ya'll!!! :smile:
  5. Saddlebrown--- mmm, English or Western :yes: I am guessing that let's taupe
    out. If it's western then I am guessing either Chocolat or Whiskey, if it's
    english then I think of tan :s LOL

    Could you id the color from a pic???

    As for price, new ones retail for $1540 from NM, BG, Saks, Nordies.
    On LVR and AR, yuo could save a few hundred dollars.

    For a good pre-loved bag, prolly $900-$1100.

  6. Yea, I would know the color if I saw it..
  7. Ok, the left one is choclate and the right one is whiskey...

    either of these??

    I don't own a tan anymore, but I have a taupe if neither of these is it....
    35.dbas 036.jpg 35blanc 002.jpg
  8. if you goto the chloe reference library subforum, you'll see all the colors.... in the all about paddingtons thread!
  9. so the one in the picture by itself is that one the chocolate??
  10. Yes, the darker one is the 06 chocolate (the one in the pic with the shoes)
    and the lighter one is the 06 whiskey (in front of an 06 blanc).
  11. yes
  12. Then I believe she'd like the darker one the best...I'll look at the site too that was mentioned to see the colors.

    Ya'll are great help!!! :yes:

  13. Both are amazing!!!!

    I have chocolate but the whiskey for my Mom for Christmas.

    Let us know and we can point you to a good seller on eBay (Eliz*Thomas, Rozzzz, Hgbags, and more).
  14. Let's go with the chocolate...

    I'd love recommendations for sellers!! Thanks!!