paddington for men??

  1. now don´t call me crazy but I had a question regarding chloe bags.
    can ANY of the actuall "it" chloe´s like the paddington, edith or large silverado be worn by men?
    Okay, before calling me crazy: I work in this public relation firm where we get authentic freebies sometimes, as we work with the fashion industry mostly....and I can choose between the edith, the paddington and the large silverado only. the edith in 2 both sizes actually, but I still think the edith kinda looks off........

    yes, I am gay but NOT a tranny!
    now my best friend had this "idea": how about if you remove the lock from the paddy and also open up the site belts and filling it with stuff, so it looks like a chic sports bag....??

    the silverado looks the most purse like thing to me, but hey you are the chloe goddesses;)

    can anyone of you, please, take several pics of your paddy without the lock and also with the site belts opened and stuffed? also, maybe some body pics, would be cool if your hubby would be ready to held the bag as described for a pic??

    I know I am asking for wayyyyy too much, sorry girls just have to try;)

    please help! I have to decide until in 7 hours!

  2. A large Edith maybe? Can you get a Paddington shopper/tote? That doesn't look lika a purse to me, and you could definitely take the lock off. Or is it only the Paddy satchel?
  3. paddy satchel:sad: do you own one? could you tak pics withput the lock and the site belts opened?

    sorry If I ask for too much:sad:

    many regards
  4. I returned my satchel a while back...the shape didn't work for me. Sorry! I would definitely have taken pics for you. I am sure someone here with the satchel will oblige. :biggrin:

    Of course, you can always get the satchel, sell it here on the Marketplace, then use the money to upgrade to the shopper. A satchel or an Edith would go quickly here. What colors can you get in the Edith?