Paddington Experts Needed!


May 10, 2007
I bought a '06 Paddington Medium Satchel. The serial number is 01-06-53. I know the middle is the year, but what do those other numbers mean?

Also, the color is like a dark green, khaki, grey color. I will try to post pics, but anyone know of this color and the name of it made in '06?

It is also missing the key and the string that attaches to the bag. Does Chloe sell replacement keys?

Thanks all!


like two plums
Jan 10, 2007
hi bek

i think the first number in the serial number refers to the season, so 01 is spring... so yours is from spring 06. I don't know about the last one, but there is some speculation that it might be a batch/manufacturer number, as a lot of serial numbers seem to end in 53. One if the other girls may have a definitive answer on this!

The kahki grey/green might be "mousse"? is it light or dark?

As for replacements, I think you can probably get one through a Chloe boutique, although I'm not sure about this!