Paddington Experts- 06 Gris/Vert vs Navy, which is darker?

  1. Does anyone know which is darker- the Fall 06 Gris Vert paddington or the Fall 06 Navy? I want to get the darkest bag, but I know photos on websites can be sort of misleading.:confused1:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I just got a navy from LVR. It is pretty dark – same intensity as the bleu nuit (do a search to see pix), but slightly duller. Cannot comment on the gris vert since I have not seen it.
  3. I've seen the navy in person and it is pretty dark. I can't comment on the gris vert. The navy seems like it would be darker though.
  4. If the g/v is close to mousse, and I believe it is, then I would say navy
    is probably darker.

    Howver, another gal just received her navy from LVR and wasn't thrilled, IIRC.
    Check out her post for comments on that color!

    Good luck!!