paddington discontinued ?? say it ain't so~~~!

  1. have been calling Nordstrom inquiring about any available paddingtons (614 for a medium satchel, 609.90 for a mini fyi) and have been told that they're all out.. but then the SA told me they're all on sale because that bag is discontinued!!

    does anybody know if this is for sure? or did the SA just not know what shes talking about? (i am hoping for the latter... :yes: )
  2. OMG I hope she just didn't know what she was talking about............I haven't heard of the paddington being discontinued before this........:shrugs: so maybe she was just pulling that out of the air.

    Can anyone else enlighten us?
  3. I don't think so, girls. I was just checking out the Fall bags on the Chloe site and there were a handful of Paddys including a traditional medium satchel in a color called Elephant. It's really beautiful but don't take my word for it -- go check it out for yourselves! :drool:
  4. I don't think so, either. I've seen some of the new fall bags in stores and there are some of the new Paddington styles with the small lock and chain, but also many regular Paddies. So I think she was just making an incorrect assumption!
  5. definitely not discontinued...

    as eastcoastkelli points out they have it on their website and I also saw the fall/winter book at the chloe store and it was definitely in it in multiple styles and colors.

    Maybe Nordstrom will only be carrying the new style (capsule) with the chain and smaller lock
  6. I've seen the fall paddies out as well. Nordstrom put all their Chloe and other designer bags on sale this season. I think she was misinformed or lets hope she was misinformed!
  7. I have seen the fall book for Nordstrom, they are definitely still getting paddingtons. The color of the one I saw in the book was Argent. Also I saw a few on the shelves so they are not clearing them out. :smile:
  8. Chloe will not be Chloe without the paddington. (just my opinion, don't shoot me for this) :smile:
  9. Department store SA's usually have no clue what they are talking about. Rumormill. :noworry:
  10. And yet another sales rep who should have her house TP'd by all of tPF ladies who gulped when reading this thread!:graucho:
  11. Oh no i was going to say, first the betty and now the paddy :sad:, but lets hope its not true, dont think i could handle the paddy being discontinued. I love both the betty and the paddy but have to say the paddys my fav.
  12. noooo!!!! I just got started!

    Nordy's (Tysons) didn't have any classic paddies but they did have the newer styles.
    NM's (Tysons) has a few classic ones - red, offwhite, dark brown
  13. I hugged and sniffed one at NM the other day...smells just like my bronze tote, which smells different than my blanc classic. The newest leather is uniquely intoxicating - I had my SA totally cracking up - and sniffing it with me!!! lol
  14. That new style with the chains and small lock is awful by the way...I saw it in taupe, which is a lovely colour, but it just looks odd. I prefer the normal, classic paddy style.