Paddington Dilemma

  1. I need your opinion, I'm thinking of getting my first paddy, would you suggest I get it in grey metallic, whiskey, black or cream?

    I can't decide.. HELP! :push:
  2. So much of it depends on your current wardrobe and if you want the bag to "pop" or just blend.

    I had the most wonderful choco satchel that went perfectly with my entire warbrobe. So much so that it just disappeared into my outfits and I stopped wearing it in favor of blanc or rouge.

    So if you want a bag to pop then the dark metallic is a great 'neutral' that will go with lots. Some with cream.

    If you want your paddy to be more understated go for black.

    However, I think whiskey might be a perfect middle ground.

    Good luck finding the paddy of your dreams!
  3. I personally would get the metallic grey as its more a neutral colour and can be used across all seasons... cream is more summer/spring.. black more winter... whisky is nice too. So grey gets my vote! Just my opinion. Good luck with your choice!
  4. The metallics are beautiful as long as you don't mind that they sometimes rub off. I had 2 different anthracite bags that rubbed and I returned them both. I know some think it adds personality, it drove me nuts. I love both the black and whisky colors.
  5. grey metallic is hot but whiskey is suc ha classic colour!