Paddington Cross-Body Bag...

  1. ok this is my second time seeing it on sale and last time i said im not too into it- the black hardware and the shape then tonIght im like hey a sale- ill buy that! so i did!
  2. Awesome!!
    Here's to hoping you *love* it! :drinkup:
  3. thanks padparasha! Cheers to that! its a bag i will have to see to even understand because it looks a lil confusing :smile: 3 chloe orders in 1 week- im an addict
  4. Wow kiddo!

    You're quite welcome!!

    That's ok on the 3 bags!!! Maybe you won't be in love with ALL of them...

    or ... maybe you will!!! :p

    Please post pix when you get ... would love to see how that looks on. Enjoy!
  5. Very nice. If I didn't just buy a Chloe last night that would be mine.
  6. alre309...

    When's the bag coming? Want to see some pix!
  7. someone posted pics of this bag a while back. I just did a search and couldn't find the thread, but I'm sure if you are a little more thorough, you can find it!
  8. the bag came today! not so sure about it- it will probably go back- its nice-the leather is oh so smooshy! but the black on black takes away from the bag and the lock really makes it difficult to get into the bag...its just like a beautiful accent that weighs a few pounds and just gets in the way- tough call- i dont know :shrugs:
  9. WHich were the other two Chloes that you bought this week?
  10. does it come in brown ?
  11. Thanks, I decided to buy this one, despite m reservations... We'll see. I am most likely returning my Chloe Tracy, so I don't feel too badly about it! Thanks for the link.
    Blue Hour Girl
  12. Alre309 and Bluehour:

    I want to order this cross body bag from NM in muscade and need to know urgently if that cross body strap is adjustable to be longer so it actually goes across body- From the looks of it it seems short. Can it be modified somehow. Please help!!!!

    Carol (newbie)

  13. The strap for the cross body does adjust, but only by about 3 inches. At longest mine is 16 inches from top of strap to where the bag starts. I'm very short and thin and it fits across my body, but hits high on my torso above my hip. It's higher than I would want. I have thought about taking it to my shoe repair guy and having him punch another hole lower on the strap to make it longer...this is also an option. Seriously though, the strap is short for a bag they are selling as a "cross body"!

    So I can't decide if I even want to keep it. I really want a cross body bag (and was so excited about this one) but it definately has it's draw backs (strap and small opening) but I'm most worried about the black lock and hardware chipping! It came chipped a bit on the lock and I called NM to see if they would discount it futher...they offered another 10% but I'm worried it will continue to chip and look aweful and then would I ever use it???? Ugh! :shrugs:
  14. Hi elle B, I'm confused by the dimensions listed on the nm link - it says 7.5" h x 13.5" w -- but it looks like a perfect square. Does it look different in real life than in the picture?