Paddington colours for 2008.....

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering, does anyone happen to know the 2008 colours for the paddington? I'm searching high and low for a tan (medium) but may just wait to see what they bring out in 08..................? (Also, when will the new colours come out? All they have in my local retail outlet, Selfridges, is Caramel, Black and Ivory):push:

    :girlsigh: ....waiting, ever so patiently, *sigh*

  2. You can try calling the Chloe boutique on Sloane Street.The SA there is very helpful.
    Tel.0207 823 5348
  3. I have seen pics of a blue (sort of a teal) with silver hardware, a beige/tan color with an amber lock, a vanilla sort of color with a clear lock and I'll try to find others I saw and post when I do.
  4. There's a large front pocket in white with silver hardware and a carmel color with brass hardware. If you want pics, PM me with an email addy I can forward it to you.
  5. Also, I recall seeing this gorgeous bright green color and another orangy-red color. I think those are new for 08.