PADDINGTON Clutch Bags - Gorgeous!!!!

  1. i saw those on NAP for under 600. those are really cute. love em.
  2. thanks girls just checked them out on both sites. gorgeous!
  3. Those are super cute! I would love to see one IRL, or on someone in a photo. It looks like a pochette?
  4. That's cute but looks like a small bag
  5. That's so cute.Perfect for a quick day out.:P
  6. it's supposed to be small, it's not a bag, it's a clutch :smile:
  7. So cute! Love the mini padlock:love:
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    check them out on Neiman! so cute $530...not bad....I just wish the strap could turn into a shoulder strap like Louis pochettes....this seems to only be a wrist strap....
  9. It's soo cute!! I agree Lola, I wish the strap was big enough for your shoulder. My other downer is that I don't think my paddy wallet would fit inside :sad:
  10. they are soooo cute!! ooohhh i wish i could afford it.... should save some money now...