Paddington care card?


Jan 4, 2006
When I got my paddy from NAP in November they didn't include a care card. I wrote and asked them about a couple of issues with the purse, including the missing care card and likewise missing Chloe authenticity card. They phoned me and clarified some issues, claimed they didn't get authenticity cards from Chloe to send out with the bags, but couldn't give me any info about the care card. They promised to get back to me but still haven't so I figured there was no card or care instructions they could give me.

I have since understood from a number of posts on the forum that there actually is a care card. Would someone who has the card please be an angel and let me know what is says? I'm not bothered about the authenticity card, I know the bag is the real thing and I intend to keep it.


Feb 1, 2006
i got mine from aloharag, it was missing authenticity card and it did not even come with the chloe dust bag. (they put it in a generic dust bag) So i emailed them,and Jumpei emailed back saying it does not come with authenticity card. I did not even know there is a care card. :sad:


Feb 21, 2006
Avoid prolonged exposure to strong light, heat and damp esp for suede leathers which natural characteristics can lead to discolorations and stains, Rubbing on garments could damage them

Avoid contact with oily subtances, make up and solvents

regarding the baby lambskin items, we recommend you waterproof them regularly

regarding the varnished leather, avoid prolonged contact with other leather items as the dye may migrate to the varnished leather

Clean with a light and natural wax

After use we recommend you stuff your bag and storing it upright in its cover.